The power and benevolence of Archangels is well known across the world.  These divine and magnificent beings have permeated the human psyche and its storytelling for millennia.  Most importantly, they have been profound vehicles of faith as teachers, protectors and conduits for communication with the God/Goddess.   

Join Alexis Cartwright for this 11-part Mass Healing series to experience the wonder and diversity of the Archangelic realms. Occurring on 11 dates between 18 December 2018 and 10 December 2019, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive approximately 20 hours of recorded channellings and meditations.  Each 90 minute to two-hour event will work with at least two specific Archangels, giving you a unique opportunity to feel the energy and guidance of powerful archetypal beings.

Archangels are profound healers. They lift your vibration and clear what has previously been immovable. Featured within the mythology, philosophy and sacred texts of countless traditions, Archangelic beings are instruments of purification. This Mass Healing series is an opportunity to let go of unresolved trauma, fear, anguish and grief, while also enriching your enlightenment process. Feel the divine grace of the archangels to heal your mind, body, soul and reality.  Reconnect to your faith and experience the divine.  

It brings me so much joy to launch this celestial Mass Healing Series in 2018. As I facilitate my third Mystery School Level 3 in Italy, for which I first connected to the Archangels and their teachings, I am overwhelmed by the profound peace and serenity they bring through. They are extremely powerful; it has taken me many years to truly hold their energy and wisdom. The presence and teachings of the Archangels have left a huge impression on me, and everyone who has entrusted me to share their wisdom for this Mystery School. Now, through the divine guidance of this realm, more esoteric wisdom is to be unveiled. I look forward to connecting with you for ‘Realms of the Archangels’ throughout 2019.                                                                                                                        - Alexis Cartwright. 

Feel the grace and divinity of the Archangels

from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy nearly 20 hours of recorded channellings

and meditations with Alexis Cartwright.

Watch this short video to experience for yourself.





15% DISCOUNT when paid in full. Receive all 11 mass healings and save $157. 20 hours of channellings and meditations to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Feel the divine grace of the Archangels to heal your mind, body, soul & reality.


Pay monthly and access each of the 11 mass healings in this series for $95 each. Receive 20 hours of audio and visual content and listen from the comfort of your home. Feel the divine grace of the Archangels to heal your mind, body, soul & reality.



Alexis Cartwright is the globally renowned channel, teacher and founder of the healing and ascension modality, Transference Healing®. Her dearest wish is to be a catalyst for global unity, healing and ascension with service to humanity being the highest honour. Her schedule includes regular radio appearances, mass healings and training events, which she facilitates to a large global audience.

In addition to her very popular meditation CDs, Alexis has also written four publications that support a profound healing and ascension process, including the Animal Magic Divination Cards, Child of Light Meditations, Affirmation Book and Card Set, and the 4th Expanded Edition of her landmark book, ‘Beyond Doorways: the Mysteries Revealed’.